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Who We Are

Charity League of Charlotte (CLC) is an all women’s volunteer non-profit that has supported children in our most underserved communities since 1921.


Working with school principals, social workers, and other community organizations, the dedicated women of CLC have been looking into children’s faces and seeing promise and possibility for decades.


They see eyes that shine bright with hope.

They see ears eager to listen and minds willing to learn.

But above all, they see needs – for clothing, books and basic supplies - that provide the comfort and security required for these children to succeed.

Our mission is to enhance the lives of Charlotte-area children by promoting academic achievement, pro-social behavior and self-worth through volunteerism.

"Partnerships like the one we have with CLC remind our families that there is a larger community who cares about their needs and their long-term positive outcomes, something that builds emotional strength."

                                   -Kristen Hackl, Principal, Devonshire Elementary School

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