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Charity League is one of Charlotte’s most treasured traditions, an organization that has made a difference in our community for over 100 years.


In 1911 Mrs. E.C. Marshall formed a group of young women, called “Sheltering Arms,” a group of young women who visited and worked in the charity wards of local hospitals delivering flowers, providing magazines and fruit to patients, giving out Christmas baskets to underserved families and supplying milk for newborn babies. Many of the original members left for college, but as Mrs. James L. Staten recognized, the needs remained.


In 1921, Mrs. James L. Staten established the St. Peter’s Hospital Junior Hospital Guild, working under the supervision of the senior guild to continue to meet the needs of Charlotte area patients.


The group then changed its name to Charity League of Charlotte in 1926, and was incorporated under the name of Charity League, Inc. in 1928.


In response to the growing needs of our community, Charity League opened the Sunshine Day Nursery on Seigle Avenue in 1949 to offer childcare to the growing number of families whose mothers worked outside of the home and needed safe child care for their children. The school was so successful in meeting the needs of local children that it required more space to continue providing services.


In February 1958, Charity League built a new facility on Jackson Ave., providing the perfect preschool. The Nursery/Preschool served area children lovingly for 54 years when it closed in 2002 due the growth and availability of private daycare and public programs.  The property was sold in 2002 and proceeds from the sale have been invested in our programs allowing Charity League to broaden its assistance and positively impact tens of thousands of young lives.

Our Legacy - A History of Caring

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